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Unico Rosa Vermouth 2021 750ml

Unico Rosa Vermouth 2021 750ml

This magnificent Australian Vermouth was produced from Pinot Gris & Grenache grapes from Adelaide Hills & Riverland in SA, fortified with grape spirit, native Hibiscus, Davidson Plum, Strawberry Gum and a heap of herbs and spices. It's a pale blush colour and smells phenomenal; strawberry, raspberry, wormwood and spices leap from the glass. The palate is initially all about the juicy fruit, before a herbaceous and spicy grippy twist towards the back. This stuff is absolutely flipping delicious. It's so bright, aromatic and refreshing that it's pretty hard to stop. The pro tip here is; mix it with low sugar tonic to make a spicy Creamy Soda flavoured drink!

$35.00 each, or $32.41 in any wine dozen buy.

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