The Great Beyond

at 152 Bell Street Coburg is a unique, genuinely independent bottle shop selling a wide selection of craft beer, interesting wine, small producer spirits, snacks, soft drink, coffee beans and, well just about anything else we can think of that's delicious, has some soul and a story to tell. We don't sell anything we don't like. Not many places can say that.

The notes and thoughts written here are done in-house and they're designed to convey what you might experience when you try the product in question. Our in-store experience is a really fun one, there's always something open to taste and we get up and talk to you about what's you're up to and we try to figure out how to get the right thing for you in your moment. We're trying to convey that vibe online. Difficult thing to do, but we hope you enjoy the reads.

We have regular tastings in store, offer same day local delivery and same day despatch for online orders outside our same day delivery radius. We have a pretty good time here and hope you do too!

This website is a work in progress. But aren't we all!

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