Collection: Pinot Noir & Gamay

Back when I started in booze, Cabernet was the go-to. Bit of Merlot, sometimes both. Circa 2005. Shortly thereafter, it was Shiraz, as it was for the subsequent decade. Pinot was "too light." I reckon it was around 2016 that something collectively snapped, and Pinot was off to the races. It is the go-to red now, and I am enjoying its time in the spotlight. Such a glorious array of flavours and experiences are on offer. I don't know what makes these things groovy or not groovy. No idea what influences these trends, so I just roll with it and observe. It's fun. Gamay starting to muscle in on this turf, too. I hope you enjoy our picks here. We certainly do. Much more than I enjoy writing these things.