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That Spirited Lot House Pour Gin 700ml

That Spirited Lot House Pour Gin 700ml

"House Pour" is an optimistic name that clearly states the intention of That Spirited Lot. Many Gin distillers aspire to produce people's house pour/go-to/default, discretely. These guys.... not so discrete. Below the ample juniper there's soft lemon, wattle, lavender and pepper aromas.The palate is reasonably intensely flavoured, but balanced, sports a very creamy, gentle spirit character. It's generous and flavoursome, immaculately balanced, versatile, very reasonably priced and a very worthy contender to become your house pour. Very very very very good local Gin.

That Spirited Lot is a small independent distillery in Seaford, Victoria. They produce spirits using a pot and a column still. The column allows them to achieve great yields and consistent results, while the pot creates more expensive, characterful spirits.

$75.00 each.

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