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Swiftcrest Distillery Sipping Vodka 500ml

Swiftcrest Distillery Sipping Vodka 500ml

Swiftcrest Distillery is just south of Mansfield in Victoria, owned and operated by husband and wife team Hank & Carrie. They go to extraordinary lengths to produce incredible small-batch spirits. This one's made from Burrum Biodynamics barley grown in Western Victoria, malted in Ballarat then milled, mashed, fermented and distilled in their steam-powered distillery before being cut back with spring water from their farm. The resultant Vodka is incredible; it's aromatic, marshmallow and arrowroot biscuit, spice on the nose, a rich, chewy texture and a grassy, herbaceous finish. This stuff proves that sometimes the reward is worth the extra effort, this is a world-class Vodka from a distillery nobody has heard of, but we're out to rectify that situation. 

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