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Swiftcrest Distillery Strawberry Gin 500ml

Swiftcrest Distillery Strawberry Gin 500ml

Swiftcrest Distillery just outside Mansfield in the Victorian Alps is one of the most exciting projects we've discovered recently. Hank & Carrie have built an incredible little distillery, powered by a steam boiler that uses dead wood harvested from local neighbouring farms. They produce their spirit using barley grown at Burrum Biodynamics in St Arnaud, malted in Ballarat, and water from their own spring. Where possible they use biodynamic local ingredients, but will settle for organic if they're not available. 

This Gin was produced in conjunction with a local strawberry farmer, who couldn't sell their crop. Apparently there were some real trials and tribulations getting the Gin to work, Hank and Carrie now keep their process closely guarded. We're glad they persisted though, as the result is an exceptional fruit Gin. The effort in procuring such detailed ingredients, then producing it is well reflected. The Gin is exceptionally punchy, complex and not even a hint sweet. Hopefully not a one off. 

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