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Shiraz Republic Rose Pet Nat 2022 750ml

Shiraz Republic Rose Pet Nat 2022 750ml

One of the advantages of having your winery share space with a brewery, or vice versa is the ability to share equipment, best typified by this pair of releases from Shiraz Republic, home of Cornella Brewing or by Cornella Brewing, home of Shiraz Republic. I don't know.

Made by fermenting grenache on skins until it's almost done, then transferred under pressure to a brewery tank where fermentation finishes completely dry, the sediment can settle, without risk of oxidation, before being packed up on the canning line. 

This stuff is silky smooth, soft, gently funky and has flavours of raspberries, strawberry, cherry and herbs. Yum. 

$14.00 each, or $11.20 in any buy of six or more cans.

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