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Sekai Itto Momoyamano Momoshu 720ml

Sekai Itto Momoyamano Momoshu 720ml

This is a Peach liqueur made from Peaches and Sake from Kinokawa in Japan's Wakayama Prefecture. It pours an opaque dull peach colour and smells fabulous; fresh ripe peach mush jumps out of the glass and makes your nostrils happy. The palate is nectar-like in texture and perhaps unsurprisingly continues the ripe peach nectary onslaught - it is so vivid and bright, so sweet and juicy that it's hard to stop at one sip, or glass......... the sweetness is balanced out towards the finish with some lively acidity that cleans it all up and frankly as I write about it, has me salivating and pining for more. Incredible stuff. 

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