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Okar Island Bitter (Amaro) 750ml

Okar Island Bitter (Amaro) 750ml

For most of my time working in booze, the appreciation of Amaro was largely consigned to the great cocktail bartenders around town and shared with those who they held court with. In the eyes of the masses it was daggy and misunderstood, but those who knew... knew. I feel like this all changed with Applewood Distillery's Okar Amaro. Slick packaging, a great launch campaign, the rise and rise of the Negroni, making it from Australian ingredients all combined at the right time to make Amaro cool. This stuff is worthy of a spot in anyone's liquor cabinet at home. I'd argue it's worthy of a spot in the Australian Grog Hall of Fame, too. 

$53.00 each, or $49.07 in any wine dozen buy.

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