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Mrs Baker's Still House Summer Romance Limoncello 500ml

Mrs Baker's Still House Summer Romance Limoncello 500ml

Mrs Baker's Still House in Glenpatrick, near Avoca in Victoria, has been one of our favourite recent discoveries. They produce a range of Gin and bar staples from a grape-based spirit, part of which is made in-house, and a variety of botanicals and fruits - grown on the property where the distillery lies,  provided the climate is appropriate. Where their climate isn't appropriate, fruits and botanicals are sourced from sustainable producers, a mindset developed during Mrs Baker's former career as a Botanist.

Made using Meyer Lemons grown on Mrs Bakers' son-in-law's farm near Skipton. They do a great job of keeping it all local here! The peel gets a nice long soak in Mrs Bakers' grape spirit before being blended to bottling strength. It's a lovely pale lemon colour, and smells wonderful; expressive, bright oily lemon with a whiff of blossom lurking underneath. The palate is svelte in texture and carries spotless, expressive lemon flavours again, with lovely florals playing in the background and gentle sweetness throughout. A crisp and gently tangy lemony finish wraps it all up. This is a magnificent Australian take on an Italian classic. It reminds me of the Lemon tart that Sophia at Little Box Brownie sometimes makes next door. 

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