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Little Brunswick Vine Dried Shiraz 2021 750ml

Little Brunswick Vine Dried Shiraz 2021 750ml

Shade we won't ever sit in is made from vine dried Shiraz grapes grown organically by Garry Rice in Great Western. Allowing the grapes to dry in the sun reduces the moisture, concentrating the flavours - it is a technique used in the production of Amarone wines. The grapes were not destemmed and were fermented whole before being pressed to second fill French oak where the wine sat for two years. After all that, it somehow still smells like a Shiraz from that vineyard; peppery, liquoricey, red fruit, then fig, date, quince vibes, a whiff of milk chocolate. Early on it is sweet ripe raspberry and plum flavours, chocolate bullets, more fig wrapped up in dense silky texture, then chocolate and spice and a surprisingly lively acid pop. On the appearance and aroma, I thought this was a one way ticket to sticky sweet red town but that finish was just wow. It is big and bulky, sure, but it is agile, and the agility is what makes it super impressive. It's a very hedonistic niche wine, and I'm here for it.

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