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Little Brunswick Greco 2022 750ml

Little Brunswick Greco 2022 750ml

All seagulls, no chips is made from Greco grapes grown in the Heathcote G.I. down near the Tooboorac pub (great pies there). Greco is a grape grown mostly in the warm climate of Southern Italy which is similar in many ways to the warmer wine-growing regions of Australia, and it is arguably more suited to our climate than many other white grapes we have used traditionally. Murky peachy blush colour, with incredible aromatics; passionfruit, honeysuckle, jasmine, then something that reminds me of a fragrant top notch Sake - my brain sees it as a soft mauve colour, but I can't describe it. I don't know enough about Sake. Flavour-wise it's bold, punchy and complex; there's so much going on at once, it feels like chaos, but there isn't a hair out of place - the brakes on the party yanked on firmly and quickly by an assertive, firm, grippy finish. I love this stuff, it has the right ratio of spank then cuddle for me. 

$37.00 each, or $34.26 in any wine dozen buy.

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