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Don Fulano Tequila Anejo 40% 700ml

Don Fulano Tequila Anejo 40% 700ml

The first time we've seen a Tequila from Don Fulano and by crikey, what a first impression this stuff made. It's produced from Maduro & Pinto Agave grown near the spectacular town of Atotonilco El Alto. This Tequila was aged for a minimum of 30 months in Limousin and Nevers French Oak casks that previously held wine. It pours a deep gold colour and has intense, sweet and smoky aromas of banana, clove and pepper. The palate is rich and generously textured, initially sweet and creamy; honey, toast, baked fruit before a wickedly spiced nut and peppery dry finish. Exceptional sipping Tequila. 

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