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Domaine Dutertre Touraine Brut NV 750ml

Domaine Dutertre Touraine Brut NV 750ml

Chenin Blanc grown in the Loire Valley and then made with the traditional Champagne method. Pale straw colour with a gentle fizz and short-lived white mousse (bottle had been re-sealed a few times over the day, I expect it to be more effervescent fresh.) Sensational to sniff, a broad, inviting aromatic array of Granny Smith apple, honeysuckle, perfume and toast. The palate is soft, floral, yeasty and toasty up front, with punchy crisp apple flavours in the middle and a long, crunchy finish with persistent apple, toast and spice flavours persisting. Delicious. 

$35.00 each, or $32.41 in any wine dozen buy.

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