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Dolin Chamberyzette Aperitif a la Fraise 16% 750ml

Dolin Chamberyzette Aperitif a la Fraise 16% 750ml

Not gonna lie, we got sucked in by the packaging. Purchased a couple of bottles to try, because we do this too. We work backwards sometimes, shopping with our eyes, popping a bottle and working out what's good. Boy howdy was this a discovery. It's a wine based aperitif, closest to a sweet vermouth. It's full of berry aromas above a layer of spice. The palate is unctuous and continues the ripe berry theme with a bitter, barky herbaceousness underneath which does a tremendous job of ensuring that this stuff doesn't wind up too sweet. It's delicious on it's own poured over a big ice cube, in a spritz, or with a splash of soda for a refreshing drink that's not too boozy on a hot day. The carpet matches the drapes here. :)

$42.00 each, or $38.89 in any wine dozen buy.

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