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Dart Distilling Boat Gin 700ml

Dart Distilling Boat Gin 700ml

Just for something different, a new Hop Nation product. Reputed for making great beer, and with a growing reputation for their winemaking tweaks, some genius at HN decided that their plates weren't full enough, so they purchased a Gin still and started distilling. Crazy. 

"Boat Gin" is their giggle-inducing name for a Navy style Gin. This one's bottled at 57% alc/vol and is produced from Manildra base spirit, employing seven botanicals. I think. It's either this one's got seven and the table Gin has eight, or this one's got six and the table Gin has seven. Regardless... this has one less botanical than the other one. Gosh, why does this matter?! On with the show!

A somewhat muted nose, juniper, bitter herbs, copper, gunpowder & grapefruit pith, liquorice. The palate is lively as heck though, intense citrus smashes through the juniper, there's a real sweetness and generosity, liquorice, amaro bitterness and white pepper on the back. This is a pretty darn exciting Gin. Can't wait to play around with some cocktails. 

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