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Black & Ginger L'Amante Nebbiolo 2021 750ml

Black & Ginger L'Amante Nebbiolo 2021 750ml

Nebbiolo from the esteemed Malakoff Vineyard in Landsborough in the Pyrenees GI was given the royal treatment by Hadyn Black of Black & Ginger. Picked a little riper than many Australian Nebbiolo, this wine tips the scales at 14.2%, which is a wise decision. The colour is deeper than the bricky orange things that try to emulate Northern Italy - this wine speaks more of its place than an attempt at an Italianesque knock off. Smells terrific: raspberry, chocolate, plum, cherry, spices, leather & earth. Medium-bodied and plush on the palate, it delivers wave after wave of chocolate-coated plums and raspberries, with a spicy background framed by the famous firm Nebbiolo tannins. Very long tart cherry and pepper aftertaste. An absolute ripper of a drink.

$45.00 each, or $41.67 in any wine dozen buy.

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