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Billy Button Nebbiolo 2021 750ml

Billy Button Nebbiolo 2021 750ml

Nebbiolo grapes grown in the cool Ovens Valley, near Myrtleford. Bit of a booze hub, Myrtleford. Albeit one off the beaten path. So many great grapes come from there, and from many of the vineyards you can see hop farms and old tobacco kilns. Many Italian families moved to the area post World War II and this explains the link to traditional Italian varieties; Sangiovese, Barbera, Pinot Grigio and of course Nebbiolo. This one's been put together by Jo Marsh and her merry band of boozemakers; it's got that classic bricky crimson Nebbiolo colour, stacks of red fruit and spice, a little dried orange on the nose, a smidge of plum too. The palate is lean and packs in juicy raspberry and blueberry flavours, framed by heaps of fine powdery tannin, baking spice and black pepper. Delicious wine. 

$33.00 each, or $30.56 in any wine dozen buy.

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