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Beenleigh 3yo White Rum 700ml

Beenleigh 3yo White Rum 700ml

At last a "proper" white Australian Rum. To be labelled as Rum in Australia a spirit must be aged in oak casks for a minimum of two years. Unfortunately a number of producers have sought to exploit this gap in the general drinking public's knowledge, marketing themselves as "Rum distilleries" mentioning Rum at every given opportunity on their websites and social media, only to end up selling a cane spirit product known as "Silver" or "White" then rather audaciously exclaiming "we never called it Rum!" Proper white Rum has all bar a sliver of the colour filtered out after the maturing process.

Beenleigh understand the assignment here, exceeding the minimum age requirement by some 33% and by crikey the result is worth it. This Rum is sweet, oily and delectable. It's an exceptionally well crafted spirit at a price that does it's quality no justice at all. Exceptionally good drinking at this tarriff and a noble project that's well worth supporting. 

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