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5 Nines VR001 Single Malt Whisky 700ml

5 Nines VR001 Single Malt Whisky 700ml

VR001 from 5 Nines in the Adelaide Hills is produced from unpeated Pilsner malt grown in NSW. A vatting of 4 x 100L casks, two of which were ex-Bourbon, one each ex-Port & ex-PX Sherry. This is a well rounded and delicious Australian Single Malt. There's nothing outrageous, or outstanding here - bar the balance. We have been conditioned to look for showstopping highlights in Australian Whisky, for better or for worse, but as the market, and the vast stockpile of spirit in cask matures, we are going to need to look towards more 'drinkable' and affordable options to sustain the growth and help this modern take on Australian Whisky reach it's full potential. A very admirable effort well worth your consideration. 

$150.00 each.

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