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22 Degree Halo Pet Nat White 2022 750ml

22 Degree Halo Pet Nat White 2022 750ml

This is kinda fun, tasting the vino without the blurb or a rep trotting off details. Strawberries & cream, musk stick on the nose - soft inviting confectionary sniffin'. Has to be Muscat in there. Does Muscat work in the Riverland? So much musk! Far more savoury than the nose suggests, dry biscuit and kinda wheat bag vibes.. damn, how good is a wheat bag this time of year? A little banana and clove there too - dry taut finish, gentle grippiness. This note is weird. The wine isn't though. It's yum, and a steal for the asking price. 

$22.00 each, or $20.37 in any wine dozen buy.

-2 units in stock.

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