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The Gospel Solera Rye 700ml

The Gospel Solera Rye 700ml

Gospel's Solera Rye is made from the same unmalted rye spirit as their straight whiskey, aged in a different process. They have a couple of Spanish inspired Solera systems; rows of oak barrels of various ages and wood types, stacked vertically. When it's time to blend and bottle, an amount is drawn from the bottom, the space in that row is filled from the row above, and the process repeats right up until the top level, where new make spirit is inserted. I got half way through writing this, then realised I could do a drawing. Please see picture #2 if you've not already. It makes for a more rounded, softer, consistent sprit, and that's exactly what Gospel Solera is. Can't be called Whiskey as there's a chance some material is younger than two years old, but there's a component of it that is significantly older, too. Too many words already, there's always a bottle open here if you'd like to taste it.


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