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Valdespino Yellow Label Pedro Ximinez 750ml

Valdespino Yellow Label Pedro Ximinez 750ml

Pedro Ximinez grapes picked super ripe, before being sun dried to concentrate the flavours and sugars, before being smooshed and fermented. The yeast can't handle all that sugar, so it dies off and leaves a bit behind. The wine is fortified with grape spirit and rested in barrels in a solera, a vertical stack of barrels where wine for packaging is bottled from the bottom, and fresh wine goes in the top - with the wines from the rack above filling the void at bottling time. It makes for incredibly complex and interesting drinks; like this one, syrupy, thick, boozy raisin juice that is a lovely warming hedonistic treat. Once the bottle is open it'll drink well for months. 

$33.00 each, or $30.56 in any wine dozen buy.

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