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Constance Coffee is the brainchild of Ciaran Ardren, an incredibly passionate coffee nerd and an all-around great guy who began his coffee roasting career in 2009. After over a decade of doing it for others, he decided to have a crack for himself and set up his small independent coffee roastery in Coburg North in February 2021. It's a story that's well and truly familiar within our walls! 

Constance Coffee's beans are sustainably and responsibly sourced, and all packaging is compostable. These beans are dropped off on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons just after being roasted and will drink at their best after a few days of rest. Stock is rotated weekly.  

Core coffees;

BFG is a dark roasted bold espresso blend. It's rich, gutsy and hedonistic like the Coffee they serve at True North. 

Moonface is light, bright and super friendly. I reckon it's a ripper in a plunger. 

Looper is a naturally processed, gently roasted coffee. The fruit is left to dry on the branches, which gives more sweetness and less acidity. Heaps of flavour, less bitter than the others.

Strider is the all-rounder. It's medium roasted; equal parts punchy and polite. Reminds me a bit of the 8th Nerve beans! 

Single Origin / Limited runs;

June 16th 2022

Ryan: "What can you tell me about this week's specials?"
Ciaran: "We have something delicious, Jardin from Guatemala is the Espresso - Toffee, Cherry, Pineapple; and Munchique from Colombia is the the Filter; Ruby Grapefruit, Toffee Apple & Milk Chocolate.

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