The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond is a small independent bottleshop at 152 Bell Street Coburg, established in 2019, filling the good booze gap in this neck of the woods. After 15 years in the industry and many trips to surrounding suburbs to quench a thirst, we decided it was time to bring good booze to the 'burg. We are owned and operated by locals, and work bloody hard to make our 'hood a better place, by contributing to local causes, community organisations, and working with other local businesses every opportunity we get.

Everything stocked by us has been hand picked for it's deliciousness - there's nothing in the shop that we wouldn't drink ourselves and we pride ourselves on that. We choose independent and local first, but won't say no to an absolute classic if there's no local or independent equivalent - or one at a fair price for all. All goods available on this website are in stock and are good to go, we are a real bricks and mortar outlet employing real people, not an off the shelf booze website package that copies and pastes tasting notes and pictures from wholesale portfolios that orders stock when you do. We taste it all and do all of our own writing. That's what independent means to us. We hope you can find something you like here, however if there's something awesome that's missing don't hesitate to let us know!

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