Hello 2023!

Apologies for the radio silence. December was a very taxing month. Just after Christmas, I decided to turn the place upside down and try to change my banking, website, point of sale, energy, internet and telecommunications providers. All at once. SANE AND NORMAL. This is all a healthy, good idea.

Trying to do it all in a relatively narrow timeframe, whilst making a mistake in publishing every product I ever had in stock on this website, realising a few days later when I started getting orders for something that I hadn't had in stock for two years, panicking in an attempt to fix it, and breaking it all over again - was perhaps not the best way to go about it. 

I have often said, I'm good at patting dogs and selling grogs. Otherwise, I need adult supervision. Hats off to Rachel for keeping the thing relatively steady as I imploded and proceeded to break, repair, break again and procrastinate whilst somewhat maintaining face in here.

Beers online are pretty much good to go, we have streamlined our processes so new things are online faster, there shouldn't be any shenanigans with discounts, what's in is good to go, for delivery or pick up. Pet Nats, Piquettes are all done, too. I've taken a short break from working on the wine, spirits and snacks to write this and blow the dust off the social media accounts.

It should be faster and more pleasant to use. I hope you enjoy the yarns, and the booze/snacks we have picked. 


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