WTF is Grifter Brewing?

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It's time to rejoice! Grifter is back in Melbourne! During the pandemic, we saw a big shift in attitude with people asking for local local local. Seems it happened in Sydney, too, the "Gladys Picnic" era saw demand for locally made packaged beer skyrocket, then a comparatively quick turnaround to the pubs being open again played havoc on Grifter's production schedules, getting the correct mix of packaged and kegs, maintaining the punter's appetite for a few tins in the park, while making sure your coveted tap customers (Grifter have a surprisingly large presence up there, even the SCG!) are happy - and trying to manage Melbourne proved a bit much.

Fast forward 8ish months, and they're back in town, which makes picking a knock off drink real easy for me (Big Sur, thanks!) Here's a pack of the six beers they sent South at a special discounted rate to reacquaint yourself with Grifter's lovely beer flavoured, no glitter beers.


It includes 1 x 375ml tin of the following;


Grifter Big Sur West Coast IPA - single $7.50

Plenty of maltinesss, a little tropical fruity, a little piney bitterness, dry and spotlessly clean, perfectly balanced. Price to quality ratio is as good as it gets.

Grifter Omen Oatmeal Stout - single $6.50

Lovely polite Stout, full of roasted coffee and chocolate flavours balanced out by a gentle bitterness. It's an absolute classic. 

Grifter Serpent's Kiss Watermelon Pilsner - single $6.50

It's light in body, and in flavour - gentle, refreshing, melony, crispy good times. Probably better suited to a hot day than what we're about to face in Melbourne, but you could crank the heater up and pretend, I guess?

Grifter Daisy Hazy Pale - single $7.00

Amarillo, Citra & Mosaic - the holy trinity of Hazy IPA hops, in a scaled down format. Great hazy flavours without great hazy consequences.

Grifter Lager - single $6.50

Pale gold with crisp white foam, bready malt, a little tropical fruit, a little spice - good fizz and gentle bitterness on the back. There's enough there for Lager nerds to pick the intricacies out of, but it's approachable enough to insert repeatedly into your dome, responsibly of course.  

Grifter Pale Ale - single $6.00

The beer that built the empire. Simple, clean, refreshing, really nicely executed Pale Ale that's just the ticket when you feel like a beer, but don't be want to be knocked over - or the beer to have while you think about what beer to have next. If you get my gdrift.