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Micah Hewitt's wines will be familiar to a few of our older customers, our first exposure to his wines was under the Transmission Wine Co label, wines made with his friend Kat Fryer on Ohea Street Coburg... yes, really. Fast forward a couple of years and he's now out on his own, doin' his own thing. DEFIALY is an acronym for "don't forget I'll always love you" which was scrolled on the end of letters, notes and cards from his mother Susan. 

All of his wines are made from Victorian fruit, organic where possible, they're vegan friendly and in his own words "made with minimal fuckery."

We think his Spring and Summer releases from 2021 fruit are exceptional, and have bundled up eight of them in this super deal that ships anywhere in the country free of charge, so you can check 'em out.

This pack includes 1 x 750ml bottle of the following;

Of Time and Place Moscato Giallo 2021 $34 - This wine was produced using Moscato Giallo from the famed Chalmers Vineyard near Heathcote in Victoria, many of you would have tried Tidy Town's incredible Orange and Pet Nat from this same fruit source. Micah's take on it pours a cloudy peachy colour and has intense aromas of grapefruit, nectarine, musk and peach. The palate has an unusual big burst of strawberry up front, then it's all peach, grapefruit and funk, softened out and given an almost creamy texture thanks to the 10 months it spent on lees. Really long aftertaste of fresh ripe peach, with little pops of funk wafting in and out. Gee whiz this is yum. 

Old Dog, New Tricks Carmenere 2021 $34 - Micah has a thing for Carmenere. We're glad he does, because it's a grape deserving of more love than it gets here in Australia. In South America, it's revered.. here.. not. D'oh. One third of the fruit was fermented in the berry, the other two thirds pressed over the fermenting solid berries, which explains the vibrant deep purple colour. On the nose, heaps of green capsicum, herbs above a layer of blackcurrant. Smells like it's gonna be super savoury, alas that's not where it goes; on the palate up front it's an explosion of blackcurrant flavour, a little mint and a solid whack of five spice drives it home. Spotlessly clean velvetty soft finish concludes. This is a real slam dunker. F#*@!ng yum. 

The Orange Rose of the Pyrenees 2021 $34 - Here's a fresh take on a classic style, good ol' Shiraz Viognier. We bet you've never tried one like this before though. Fruit grown in the Pyrenees, in Western Victoria - the Viognier component was whole berry fermented, in Syrah juice in Amphora. Yep. 

It pours a pale salmon colour and by crikey does this wine have a nose on it.. Strawberry, cassis, tomato leaf, mint, bitter orange. On the palate it's full bodied, profoundly dry. Dehydrated blood orange, a little strawberry and mulch, bitter herbs, a touch briney. Almost Negroni like vibes on offer here. A thrilling drink, though not for everyone. 

Controlled Chaos 2021 $34 - Produced from Grenache grown near Corop in Northeast Victoria & Shiraz grown just outside of Castlemaine, this blend pours a deep murky crimson colour and smells absolutey divine. Even chilled, this has a big bodacious aroma; raspberry, milk chocolate, dried herbs, and a little floral note. On then palate it's medium bodied, but has heaps of big bold and bright flavour, it's so juicy and well... alive! The tannins are like velvet and the fresh acidity keeps things truckin' along brilliantly. Hot damn this is a delicious summery red. 

Little Red Lights Cabernet 2021 $34 - I did my wine apprenticeship with some really really old-school folks. I wonder what their faces would have been like back then if someone told them that one day someone will blend Cabernet Sauvignon & Pinot Gris and it'd yield frickin' delicious results. I think it would have been quite the sight. I digress; Really lifted aromatics, dark fruit, spice, the palate is medium bodied, juicy as heck with a bit of spice and fine powdery tannin. The best thing about these wines from Micah is you can choose your own adventure; they're really complex and interesting wines, but they are also subtle - they are equal parts neck oil and nerd out and analyse of the course of a night material. 

Still In Motion Pet Nat Carmenere 2021 $34 Bloody mary vibes going on here; it's got this tomato, pepper, spice thing going on - but not too much of it. Like Micah's other 2021 efforts it is equal parts interesting and downright drinkable. We think this is an unmissable pet-nat. Drink some before we drink it all. 

Forbidden Pleasures Vermentino Blend 2021 $34 - 80% Vermentino from Chalmers, with 10% Muscat & 10% Pinot Gris. Funny, because the Muscat aromatics are those that stick out here. Stonefruit, lychee, florals, really fragrant. The palate is racy and fine, a little brine behind the fruit, a little grip from the 21 days on skins. Has a leg on either side of the funk and fresh fence, enough of both to please anyone. Real good grog.  

Cloud Catcher Sauvignon Blanc 2021 $34 - Yet another incredible Victorian wine from the 2021 vintage, this Mornington Peninsula Sauvignon Blanc spent 14 days on skins and was fermented in amphora. This is a very unique expression of Sauvignon Blanc, very savoury, textural and spicy - it almost errs into green peppercorn/agave territory. Astonishingly good drinking for those up for an adventure.