WTF is a Duncan's Dessert Sour?

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The beers of Duncan's Brewing have been a staple of ours since November 2019, just 8 weeks after we opened, someone put us on to them and they have been with us since. They're made by George Duncan and his team in the town of Paraparaumu which is about 45 mins north of Wellington, NZ.

They have a bit of a Midas touch, pretty much every beer we've had from Duncan's has been top tier, across an incredibly diverse range of styles, but where we find they really really flourish is in the unique dessert sour category. People get sucked in by the can art initially, which is always at the very least intriguing, then the names..... So many times we've heard questions like "Feijoa Crumble Ice Cream Sour? Is this real?" Yes, friends, it is. Real good too. 

All this waffle and I haven't got around to explaining what goes into making these things, in short, they're kettle sours. Lactobacillus is introduced to the wort (unfermented beer) which sours up the base material which is then allowed to ferment out with ale yeast. These beers all use lactose, which is a sugar derived from milk. Normal beer yeasts cannot ferment these sugars, so they give the beers a creamy texture and a touch of sweetness, and each beer in this pack employs different combinations of things like fruit, vanilla, spices, nuts, and chocolate.  The end results are pretty spectacular, across the board they're all sweet and creamy up front, tart down back, and packed with a variety of different flavours. Grab a pack and give 'em a whirl. We think they're yum and reckon you will enjoy them, too. 

This pack includes 1 x 440ml tin of the following beers; 

Duncan's Feijoa Crumble Ice Cream Sour - single $12.5
Duncan's Key Lime & Coconut Ice Cream Sour - single $12
Duncan's Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Sour - single $12
Duncan's Pineapple & Chocolate Ripple Ice Cream Sour - single $13.5
Duncan's Strawberry Ambrosia Ice Cream Sour - single $13.5
Duncan's Peach Ripple Ice Cream Sour - single $12