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WTF are Sobremesa?

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Sobremesa is a little brewing project by Coburg locals, Hannah McErlane & Casey Grieve. Hannah is a nurse by day and handles branding and marketing, while Casey brews full time at Bonehead - then in his downtime, brews and blends beer for their Sobremesa label. 

The beers so far have been consistently excellent, displaying a level of polish and class that is difficult to comprehend, given the relative infancy of the project. The liquids have been astonishingly good, hitting levels that others have strived to achieve for far longer. The future here is incredibly bright. 

We have assembled this pack of 4 x 750ml Sobremesa beers to give you an idea what they're all about. 

Broken Time $23 - "extra hoppy ale." This was produced using Pilsner malt, Hallertau hops and a Belgian yeast strain. It's a big, bubbly and rambunctious Belgian styled ale. It's spicy, floral, bitter and a little wild. Wonderful stuff. 

Buddy $20 - "barrel fermented grisette." Smells like fresh bread with lemon butter! So citrussy, and fresh. The palate is grassy, floral with citrus bursts, a floral funk finish. Absolutely delicious. 

Divergent Thinking $19 - "blend of barrel aged saison." This is like Saison on steroids; 18 months from production beginning to bottle. It's yielded a vivacious and bright punchy Saison. Big malts, citrus and a little funk, super dry finish. Outstanding. 

Dumpster Diving $28 - "biere de coupage." A blend of Saison aged in Puncheon & young fresh Saison that was dry hopped. Difficult to describe this one; in brief, one of the best beers we tried in 2021. Wave upon wave of funk, counterbalanced by spicy, bitter and floral hops. An essay in balance and poise. Incredible. 

All four are available individually or as a pack, the pack at $81 includes a 10% discount off full retail. 

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