WTF are Mountain Culture?

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Fresh back from a Sydney trip and Mountain Culture arrives, what are the chances? 

Just kidding. Remember way back when, Modus Operandi beers were the business? Then suddenly, they were not. My recollection of this point in time loosely lines up with the tenure of a fellow called DJ McCready. A little while after DJ's departure, a little brewery opened up in a former Blockbuster Video shop in Katoomba, a picturesque village west of Sydney. This little brewery made a very, very big splash; seemingly free from the shackles they have gone from strength to strength, particularly in the IPA field, consistently topping out silly beer ratings apps. This is one scenario where I have had to agree though, the beers are stucking funning. We have had heaps of demand for a heap of Mountain Culture beer, but have not been seen as prestigious enough to grab it, or been in a position to buy a whole pallet. Mountain Culture's demand was far out-stripping supply. This all changed in 2021 though, as rather cleverly DJ & his wife Harriet commissioned another brewery in Emu Plains, so you can expect to see more and more of their wonderful beer become available to you. We've picked out five of their absolute winners for you to experience, and done them at the discounted six-pack rate as a special intro to the joys of MC. Enjoy!

The pack includes;

1x Mountain Culture Scenic Route Session IPA 355ml - big haze, big body, big flavour with a very humble ABV of 4.4%. An ideal beer to reach for when you feel like flavour without getting foggy, or to keep the ball rolling in-between bigger beers. 

1x Hill People Milk Oat Cream NEIPA 500ml - Stupid, hedonistic, creamy, sweet, tropical fruit juice. Absolutely incredible beer. 

1x Content Creator Cold IPA 500ml - Cold IPA is a poorly defined style. The best way to describe what brewers are trying to achieve here is India Pale Lager, or West Coast Lager. They're gunning for something bitter, aromatic and punchy, without the heft or malt body that often comes with it. This is one of the best executions of the style yet, refreshing and crushable with plenty of bite.

1x Be Kind Rewind DDH IPA 500ml - a clever ode to the former tennants of their Katoomba brewery, BKR is widely regarded as Australia's best hazy IPA and it's not difficult to see why. It's a massive flavour bomb of a beer, waves upon waves of juicy fruity hops balanced out by a drying bitterness that you won't see coming. This stuff is epic. 

1x Lager 355ml - humble named, humble packaging, but many proper grog nerds will argue it's their best beer. I have mentioned before, it is easy to hide faults in big beers, particularly those that have adjuncts. There's nowhere to hide in a humble lager. This is a pure, clean, faultless expression of the stuff, not beholden to hype trains or trends, just a showcase of DJ's skill - and crikey, it is some showcase.