WTF are Currumbin Valley Brewing?

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Smokey Pete Wheldon & Luke Ronalds are two cult heroes of Australian brewing. They met at a home brew club, gypsy brewed, then in 2017 started brewing commercially in a shed on Smokey's farm. They repurposed old dairy equipment and cobbled it in to fit the tiny shed. The property is blessed by a natural spring, that gives their beers unique properties, but they are somewhat hampered by the council who restrict the volume of beer they can produce, which makes growth hard for them, though plans are well underway. And you thought Moreland were bad.....

They rose to "fame" a couple of years later during a GABS festival off the back of their Grape Bubblegum Sour that was brewed for the festival. It was a revolutionary beer. Audacious in concept, immaculate in execution, and they've steadily seen a rise since. 

Here's a selection of their recent releases for you to experience, as a pack we've taken an extra 5% off the starting 6+ pack price, a little extra discount as an incentive to try the whole range. 

Mango Sour with Lemon Myrtle; weapons grade Mango sour backed by citrussy floral lemon myrtle.

Ferny NZ Pilsner; Crispy doughy Pilsner hopped up with NZ varieties. 

Rockpool Hazy IPA; Juice bomb, not super hazy to look at, but by crikey does it nail the flavours and aromas. 

Passionfruit Sour; Arguably the most popular sour we've had in here. One taste and you're hooked. 

Wizard's Stick; An obsurd 450 grams of Strawberry and Kiwi fruit per litre went into making this. So intensely fruited. So tart. So pure. 

Grape Bubblegum Sour Ale; The little beer that could. Somewhere in between Hubba Bubba & Zappos, this stuff is glorious. 

Blackcurrant Pastille Sour Ale; Yep. It does exactly what you'd hope on the tin. Packs intense jubey blackcurrant Ribena like flavour around their classic, properly sour base. Epic.