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Sobremesa Soul Flower Saison 440ml

Sobremesa Soul Flower Saison 440ml

Yee-har! It's here! One of the most highly anticipated beers of the year, Casey & Hannah finally have their ale in a tin. Soul Flower Saison was brewed with Casey's classic multigrain blend; pilsner malt, rye, wheat, oats & barley, hopped up with Saaz, Sytrian Goldings & Tettenang.

Batch 3 now in store. Hoo boy it's a pretty beer to look at, and so profoundly spicy on the nose. Terracotta, potting mix, pepper, a little nutmeg. Bright and juicy early on before taking a wicked bready, savoury, toasty turn - nice multilayered bitterness down the back. I think this is the most complex and interesting version yet. 

We're now on to batch #2, the below note applies to batch #1. We'll update when we've got around to tasting this!

Pours a turbid pale mustard colour, gentle fizz, short-medium lived fine white foam. The aroma is incredible, even as you crack the can a whole host of lemon-derivative smells fill your nostrils. Lemon verbeena, lemon butter, lemon thyme, lemon balm - so fresh and punchy. The palate fizz is modest, but the palate is really generous in body. Citrus, sourdough, bitter herbs. Long herby, lavender, pepper finish. Lots to love here, both in the glass and the thought behind it. 


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