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Small Things Pinot Noir 2021 250ml

Small Things Pinot Noir 2021 250ml

I'm always interested in alternative packages for wine, particularly for folks going camping or to music festivals. Every year around Golden Plains & Meredith time, we sniff around to see what's up and what we can suggest. Unfortunately, we have found some of our previous cask wine has not been shelf stable once packaged, and we are not prepared to jeopardise your party weekend on potentially dodgy goon. Here's a proper solution; 

Frankland River Pinot in a tin. Yep. Get it into a party or hike-friendly tumbler, give it a swirl, and you're off. It looks, smells, and tastes like tip-top Pinot Noir. As it should, put good wine into a tin, and good wine will come out of it. Really do not recommend a session on wine from a tin. It hurts. 

$11.00 each, or $8.80 in any buy of six or more cans.

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