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Small Things Pinot Gris 2021 250ml

Small Things Pinot Gris 2021 250ml

This vin in a tin by Small Things is made from Frankland River Pinot Gris. Really pale colour with a delicate haze; initially it can smell a bit iffy - and if this is the case, a good slosh around in the glass for a few seconds and it'll blow off, I think it's the gas used to preserve the integrity of the can. Once this has blown off, the wine has aromas of grapefruit & orange, a little ripe pear, and sourdough. The palate is so citrusy, a great balance between pops of ripe orange and grapefruit and savoury toasty flavours, a little bit of grip, dry finish with gentle, appealing pith bitterness towards the end. Quirky, yum. 

$11.00 each, or $8.80 in any buy of six or more cans.

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