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Site Wine Malbec 2021 750ml

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Malbec is such an underrated grape variety. For eons it has played a silent but not invisible role in Bordeaux and Bordeaux inspired "Cabernets" blends. It gives those blends twang and pop, easing the heft of the bigger members of the Cabernet family. For mine, it began to shine once the South American varieties rolled into people's booze psyche, and it has begun to take on an identity of it's own locally. 

This example produced by Site Wine (the vino project of Hop Nation) was produced in a very low intervention fashion, a long soak, a big chunk left whole bunch, a short stay in old French oak, no filtration or tricks. The resultant wine is an incredible pure & captivating expression of what to me at least, Malbec is all about. Aromatically it's plums, black & red fruits, on the palate it's medium bodied, dark and intense, but kept vibrant by an almost pop-rock like crunchy acidity. It's equal parts juicy and taut. Really, really good fun. 

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