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Philip Lobley Yea Valley Pinot Noir 2019 750ml

Philip Lobley Yea Valley Pinot Noir 2019 750ml

These Pinot Noir grapes are grown a few metres from Phil & Lyn's back door on their property in Glenburn. The vines are fussed over regularly, and the fruit they bear is meticulous. It's all done so without the use of nasty sprays or fertilisers. A similar approach is taken in the winery; keep it minimal, let the juice reflect the site & season. 2019 was a relatively warm and dry year, reflected in the wine; it's a richer and more punchy Pinot than we've seen from Phil previously, while it is still very much Pinot Noir. Cherry, strawberry, a little sap and stem, juicy texture and the classic Peacock Tail finish, where some mushroomy, earthy characteristics emerge. This stuff is grouse. 

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