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One Drop Oatmeal Stout 375ml

One Drop Oatmeal Stout 375ml

Rightly or wrongly, I'll judge a brewery based on its Oatmeal Stout, Pale Ale and Lager. I reckon if you can drill any of these three, you've done the groggy equivalent of crawling before you can walk, and I'll then go on and entertain the idea of playing with said brewers' "walk" beers. This is a great example of a crawl beer. Gee whiz this is a weird analogy. I need supervision. Inky black, tan foam, roasty, dark chocolate, coffee, a little red fruit, firm appealing astringency - great body and weight for modest 4.5% alc/vol. Grouse.  $7.50 per tin. Buy any 6+ tins and pay $6.00 per tin.
$7.50 each, or $6.00 in any buy of six or more cans.

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