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Noodledoof Iced Coffee Stout 375ml

Noodledoof Iced Coffee Stout 375ml

This is another nicely executed "silly beer" from Noodledoof in Koroit, which is right near Port Fairy. Apparently a ripper of a taproom if you are ever in that neck of the woods. Not too heavy, not too light is spruced up with coffee, spice, vanilla and a smidge of lactose. It isn't as intense as some of the big trendy brewers' dessert stout efforts, but what it lacks in punch and absurdity it more than makes up for in drinkability. You could comfortably have a few of these.  $8.00 per tin. Buy any 6+ tins and pay $6.40 per tin.
$8.00 each, or $6.40 in any buy of six or more cans.

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