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Noodledoof Extra Extra XPA 375ml

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XPA currently sits in an odd spot in the market, some have had a real crack at the style with mixed success, some real hits, some real misses and some beers you'd think would be in for the long haul just disappearing altogether. Remember Hawkers XPA? Ultimately, the boundaries for the style are blurry; I don't think there's much by way of consistency or balanced expectations when buying / ordering an XPA from one producer to another. 

Noodledoof have done well to rectify this; the "Extra" is immediately obvious. It's 5.5% and really packs a flavour whallop. Tropical fruits you'd expect in a modern pale ale, with a big body and firm bitterness on the back. Really clever grog. 

$8.00 per tin. Buy any 6+ tins and pay $6.40 per tin.