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Melbourne Jerky Pizza Flavoured Beef Jerky 50g

Melbourne Jerky Pizza Flavoured Beef Jerky 50g

We are forever on the hunt for interesting locally made and owned booze and booze-related parts/pieces. Matt & Michael's Melbourne Jerky is a highlight of our recent hunting, as it's delicious and a familiar story; they were initially hobbyists, but now they're trying to make a fist of taking their delicious hobby into the professional world. It's a yarn heard before in the brewing, distilling, and winemaking scene, so it was just a matter of time before a snack purveyor's voice joined that choir.

MSA-Graded beef, cut to 7mm in size (pretty thick.) It's moist, soft and chewy, packing in a heap of beefy flavour seasoned with tomato and herbs. Yum. 

$12.00 each.

14 units in stock.

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