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Little Brunswick Mataro Rose 2021 750ml

Little Brunswick Mataro Rose 2021 750ml

Spring will be a little late this year is a rose made from Mataro grapes grown in Heathcote, given the royal treatment by Rob & Alex in the winery. They've been telling us about this wine for ages, and it doesn't disappoint. Tired of the anemic crunchy pale Rose that has been booming for the last few years, they have gone and taken inspiration from Clos Cibonne a famed cult producer of Rose wine that employs a heap of oxidative techniques in their winemaking. This wine went through a solera aging system, the barrels weren't topped up exposing the wine to oxygen, adding texture and savoury notes not often seen here. Deep colour, and big aromas of cranberry juice, sour cherry, toast. Generously textured; packing a big burst of blood orange, then sour cherry, cola, fresh bread, savoury and nutty underneath with a spicy flourish towards the end. This isn't for everyone, but for the brave, it's incredible. 

$42.00 each, or $38.89 in any wine dozen buy.

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