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Little Bang Sol Era Kriek 375ml

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Little Bang in Stepney, South Australia are one of our favourite 'normie' craft beer brewers. Their core offerings (Icon, Geezer Pleezer, Perfect Pale etc.) are sturdy, reliable and safe beers. In mid 2021 they released Tangent #4, an absolutely incredible beer - one of the highlights of the year, and we began to look at them in a different light. Tangent was a proper flex, so we were pretty excited to grab their new Sol Era release which is a barrel aged Kriek style beer. Cherry sour, for those unfamiliar. 

It pours a deep brick colour with a lively carbonation. Huge tart cherry aromas leap from the glass, hints of balsamic and marzipan in there too. The palate is really rich and generous, sweet ripe fruit up front, tart spicy funk down the back. It's time for you beer nerds to start paying some serious attention to these limited releases by Little Bang, this is elite. 

$11.00 per tin. Buy any 6+ tins and pay $8.80 per tin.