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Little Bang Echo Chamber Black Forest Ganache Pastry Stout 375ml

Little Bang Echo Chamber Black Forest Ganache Pastry Stout 375ml

They fucked the labels up here, and meant to print an extended used by date. This beer is by definition, past its best before - which is anything but the truth for the beer itself. It is drinking splendidly well now, and will continue to do so for another few years at the very least. 

Little Bang ran a little series of beers designed by their staff, rather than the honchos. Love Bomb Oat Cream IPA was the first, now here's the second; Black Forest Ganache Imperial Pastry Stout. I had braced myself for something super sweet when I tasted this, it was late on a Saturday and I was ready for something boozy and sweet to get ready to party; alas... the Black Forest voices sing much louder than the Pastry Stout voices in the choir and what the song sounds like is a dark, broody, almost tart red fruit-driven, the adjuncts add palate weight and generosity, but the fruit acids keep any notion of excessive sweetness out of the picture. It's frigging awesome. 

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