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Easy drinkin' wallet friendly reds 4x 750ml

Easy drinkin' wallet friendly reds 4x 750ml

These reds are for those who want a polite easy going vino for drinkin' not necessarily thinkin'.

It includes;

1x 22 Degree Halo Chill With The Moon ($22/bt single) - an absolute winner, it's really light textured but so flavoursome

1x Yarrawood Pinot Noir 2022 ($20/bt single) - Yarra Valley Pinot Noir at this price, and this good? No way.. Yes way!

1x Millon Impressionist Pinot Noir 2021 ($18/bt single) Juicy, fresh, easy drinking smile inducing.

1x Millon Grenache 2022 ($18/bt single) Rach says "fuckin' delicious, strawberries and a little herbal vibe." Everyone who's tried this has been back for more.

If purchased individually - $78. Includes free local delivery too.

$72.00 each.

0 units in stock.

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