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Good Juice Slurpy Rouge Bagnum 1500ml

Good Juice Slurpy Rouge Bagnum 1500ml

We are forever on the hunt for good wine in packages other than glass. While glass is traditional, it isn't the best for the planet, and you can't take it away camping or to festivals, and I have a theory that if you put good booze into a container that's sound, good booze will come out of it. Our mates at Mr West knocked this up with some of their mates from fruit grown in between Castlemaine & Macedon. It's Pinot Noir with a splash of Pinot Gris. Cherries & berries, blood orange and cinnamon on the nose, the palate is light, initially juicy, before a spicy Amaro herby gentle bitter finish. Slurpy indeed. Great value at the equivalent of $23/bt.

$46.00 each, or $42.59 in any wine dozen buy.

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