Gonzo Vino Splishy Splashy Chilled Tinta Barocca 2021 3000ml

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Gonzo Vino is a project by wine journeyman, Marcus Radny who had a revelation in 2018 that there was a gap in the boxed wine market for a serious product. Purely from a sustainability angle, cask wine makes sense - all materials are recyclable, storage & transport are far more efficient due to the lack of neutral space, as an added bonus - the wine stays fresh for 8 weeks once opened, far reducing the risk of wine waste - although if you can have one open and not finish it within 8 weeks you're doing well here. All fruit is from the Riverland, grown using organic practises, all fruit is hand picked and all wine is made without fining or filtation, so they're vegan friendly. 

Tinta Barocca is a Portuguese variety that made it's way into Australia to make Port style fortified wine. A quick sniff of this stuff makes me wonder why we don't see any more of it as a solo variety table wine. There's a really spicy array of aromas on offer, above a layer of cherry and raspberry. The palate is medium bodied, bright, juicy - the red fruits intertwine with the spices and a touch of amaro like bitterness towards the back. It's absolutely delicious stuff, which again manages to find a balance between party grog and interesting grog. Winemaker Marcus suggests that this is nice chilled, too and it's difficult to disagree. 750ml bottle equivalent is $18 - and for that money, it's a steal.