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Fin Wines Fizzy Boi Pet Nat 4 Pack 250ml

Fin Wines Fizzy Boi Pet Nat 4 Pack 250ml

Fizzy Boi 2022 is made from Shiraz, Glera & Zinfandel grapes grown near Mangalore airport. It's such a convenient size, 250ml and 2.0 standard drinks, it is perfect for travel, picnics, festivals, parties or occasions when you feel like a glass of something fizzy, but don't want to waste the spritz of a whole bottle. It pours a slightly murky red/pink, smells like berries and a little funk, it's gently fizzy, light and fun drinking with a gently tart, dry herbaceous finish. This stuff is really cool, and for those of you sceptical about the packaging - I get it. But I have figured out recently if you put good wine in a can, good wine will come out of it. This is a 4 pack of 250ml cans.     

$36.00 each.

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