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Duncan's x One Drop Cake Walk Triple Fruited Imperial Gose 440ml

Duncan's x One Drop Cake Walk Triple Fruited Imperial Gose 440ml

This is the Duncan's Brewing version of the cross Tasman collaboration with One Drop - both brewers took the same ingredients, and put their own spin and process to the test. This version from Duncan's packs in the same aromatic and flavour intensity, albeit with a lighter colour, and less syrupy texture - it's a fraction more effervescent and 'beery' than the heavenly fruit slush muck that One Drop released.

Initial notes on the One Drop below;

I was pretty delighted to hear Nick Calder-Scholes from One Drop had a party in the brewery with George Duncan of Duncan's Brewing while over at Beervana. These two are at the very top of the excellence tree when it comes to Oceanic silly beers. This ridiculous "beer" is everything we could have hoped and dreamed for. And then some. The aromatics once the can is opened, even from a safe distance are insane. Pouring the "beer" looks like Gazpacho, with a syrupy texture, no head to speak of, and very little carbonation. Not that it matters. This smells like a Boost Juice Smoothie, with Mango, Banana and Dragonfruit and smacks in an intensity of sludgy, syrupy, hedonistic fruit bomb flavour that is beyond my ability to accurately articulate. There's a slight sourness and saltiness towards the end of the tin, so it's probably best to invert this tin before pouring, but yeah. This is going to take some beating. Incredible. 

$15.00 per tin. Buy any 6+ tins and pay $12.00 per tin.

$15.00 each, or $12.00 in any buy of six or more cans.
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