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Duncan's Pineapple Choc Ice Cream Sour 440ml

Duncan's Pineapple Choc Ice Cream Sour 440ml

Attention all Feijoa lovers! Sorry, this isn't about Feijoa, but it's about Pineapple Lumps. In a frickin' beer. Yes, really. 

If you're not a Feijoa lover, fear not - allow us to bring you up to speed. Over the ditch, many folks have a penchant for pineapple lumps, a chocolate treat filled with pineapple. On paper, it sounded like an off combination; however, at the insistence of a few Kiwi friends, I tried it and alas. It's yum. The essence of that has been perfectly captured in this sweet, delicious, silly, slightly tart beer. 


$13.50 each, or $10.80 in any buy of six or more cans.

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